Ralph Vaughan Williams

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I don't know whether I like it, but it is what I meant.

But in the next world I shan't be doing music, with all the striving and disappointments. I shall be being it.

No, it's a Bb. It looks wrong and it sounds wrong, but it's right.

Peter Maxwell Davies

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I'm obviously very keen on the theater and I think it's inevitable that some of the orchestral and chamber pieces have got dramatic elements which might even suggest an unspecified dramatic plot of some kind or other, even though it's not in my mind at the time.

Anton Bruckner

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They want me to write differently. Certainly I could, but I must not. God has chosen me from thousands and given me, of all people, this talent. It is to Him that I must give account. How then would I stand there before Almighty God, if I followed the others and not Him?

It is no common mortal who speaks to us in this music.