Toolbox- food policy

Discourse Toolbox – food policy

Here is an outline of the Discourse Toolbox, demonstrating the way I used some of the individual tools in my dissertation.

Many other answers would be possible in a complete analysis – this page is to show some of the potential of the Discourse Toolbox techniques.

Toolbox - current crises

Discourse Toolbox – current crises

I’m writing this in the UK on May 26th 2020, in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, at a fairly early stage of the Climate Emergency, and an as yet unknown stage of the Brexit crisis. These crises provide some fertile ground for examples of discourses, and to demonstrate the other tools in the Discourse Toolbox.

I hope I can restrain myself to keep it brief

Here are the main tools, with responses to each:-

Arts Directory

 This is a full list of all the pages in the arts section - clickable

Arts – main introduction

Note:- Each of the painters and sculptors also has a sub-page with pictures showing 4 of their works. All of the pages feature quotes from the artists and links to their works.

A Rational World

Please don’t laugh at my fantasy !!!

What would it be like if we had a rational world ? Have a rest from your normal ways of thinking and consider this for a few minutes. (elsewhere I have also written a companion piece “A Spiritual World”)

Things might be different:-


I’ve thought up a number of good subjects for discussions on the forum to start the ball rolling

Levels in Myths

Mythology can be a complex subject, even where there is an apparently simple myth. For example, we can look at the myth of the Three Kings who came to visit Jesus after his birth. When we look at this both from the perspective of Eliot's classes of myth, and also when we look at the elites involved, and we find quite an interesting story of different levels:-


Classes of Myths  

I’m very interested in mythology, and this section looks at the classification of myths, and some of the archetypes that turn up in unusual ways. I hope to add more here later.

This is the main page of this section, and there is a second page about Levels in Myths