TS history and achievements

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Theosophy is unusual as it is a complex, extensive and coherent system of thought which is both multi-faceted and multi-leveled. As such, many different methods and angles of approach to it are possible, and it can equally validly be categorised as religious, educational, philosophical or spiritual. The Theosophical Society was founded in 1875 by Madame Blavatsky and others

Spiritual Ages - Post-modernism

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I like the rigour and sense of aesthetics you find in some postmodernism. The origins of postmodernism appear to be completely confused and underdetermined; and perhaps appropriately so, since postmodernism denies the idea of knowable origins. Postmodernism has acquired a semantic instability or a shifting meaning that shadows and echoes its notes of indeterminacy and insecurity.

Spiritual Ages - New Age

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Some form of Group Consciousness is possible, some element of ‘the whole is greater then the sum of the parts', and that a group of equals can create new patterns and projects of great power. A new synthesis is possible of the best (most useful) bits of all the different schools of thought A new personal centering is possible, with a re-integration of the self around a new centre New potentials can be sensed and reached for the self and for society, new potentials which were always there, but they were previously hidden or difficult to find.

Spiritual Ages - Overview

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Many people refer to “the Age of Aquarius” as an astrological epoch, caused by the precession of the equinox from Pisces to Aquarius - the horizon on the first day of spring moves slowly backwards through the zodiac by 30’ (a sign) every 2,000 years. It is unclear exactly when it starts astrologically, and it may take a while before we are fully Aquarian, but there have been several phases of it have occurred already - "theosophy" (the agelesss wisdom) - the new age - post-modernism .
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