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I think there is a spiritual something – another level, a finer side to people – call it what you will. It interests me, and always has – I’ve read a lot, and done quite a lot of different trainings, and looked an=round, and persevered – the spiritual has many different flavours, and I thought I would try to summarise some of them and create a “spiritual roadmap” for anyone who is confused by the competing claims of all the teachers and teachings available.


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There is some wonderful stuff coming out - science seems to be making a quantum leap in understanding in many areas. My own main interests are in evolution, the planet, and in materials science, which is what I studied as an under-graduate long ago. I am less interested in cosmology, dark matter and the "first second of creation", These are at the extremes of our understanding - I am more interested in the middle ground of human and technical advance.


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All arts and artists are spiritual, but some are deliberately spiritual. This applies to painting, sculpture, music, and modern new media Inevitable, this section focusses mostly on individual artists rather than schools, and in many ways, because of the quotes, it's the most directly "spiritual" section of the site.