The main focus of this site is on Convergence, and I have called it a Lodge for people who want to join. (below I include a brief biography of myself)

I hope to achieve some of these aims-

  • Gather together a wide range of material showing “signs of spirit” and indicating “the new consciousness”, or even “the new paradigm”.
  • Helping to identify and clarify the convergence of ideas and methods in all schools of thought.an old wooden signpost in a field
  • Modernise spiritual thought, both “theosophical” and “new age”.
  • Provide a “roadmap” for people setting out on their path in life, though what I have at the moment is perhaps 20 pieces of a 100-piece map (are there any cartographers out there ?).
  • Investigate the nature of thought and understanding - is it more like a network or more like a jigsaw ?
  • Forming a group to study / understand / develop the changing ages.

There are others aims, but that will do for a start

I have some personal goals too:-

  • The site is like my “collected writings”, but I have re-organised it to create more structure and added more to fill in some gaps
  • I prefer to write short pieces (less than a page of A4). I hope I haven't over-simplified the content !
  • Laying my thoughts out in this way helps me to see what is there and make connections that might not otherwise have been possible inside my head
  • It gives me more stimulus for my own thinking !

That’s the plan ! - it’s worked for me so far, as the effort to get it all together has generated more ideas, and I’ve sort of enjoyed the process. Only time will tell what the responses will be like.

I hope the site will develop over time, and that others will add their knowledge and understanding to mine …… and that a peer group / community / network will develop

I look forward to hearing from you

George McNamara,   george@convergencelodge.org

About Me

A brief biography follows in 4 main sections which are the 4 main themes of my life, and consequently also the 4 main themes of this site.

My name is George McNamara

Brief Biography. I was born in Wigan, Lancashire, and when I was 2, my parents moved to the outskirts of North Liverpool. I had a "normal" childhood, and went to University .......

After I left home at 20, I continued studyingpicture of me !! science, then spirituality. This takes me through to my late 30’s when I left the Findhorn community. I then eventually moved to Epsom in Surrey, and astonishingly lived there for 28 years. I built computers for a few years, then worked for a firm of Industrial Auctioneers and Valuers, which gave me some unusual experiences, and a useful introduction to commerce and the law. In 2000 I took further turnings when, after being made redundant, I took a Master’s degree in a social science subject, and began to visit galleries and museums.
In 2015 I decided to move back “home” to the Liverpool area, where I got involved with the Green movement, and I’m trying to get a co-housing project going – it’s unhealthy for each of us to sit in our own little flat - we all need to support each other as we get older, and I’m convinced that community is the best way to do this.

Science. I started out studying Metallurgy / Materials Science, and I went to work in the steel industry in Cardiff. South Wales. I was quite interested by science in general – I subscribed to “New Scientist” for most of the 1970’s, and I always said I’d go back to it when I was older, which is now ! I also read all the science fiction available back then, only to find lots of it now appearing in “real science”. I suppose you could say my ‘lifelong learning” project began back then.

Spirituality. I then became some sort of “seeker” – I first went to Findhorn in February 1978 and did the experience week. Then I went back to Cardiff, and immediately walked home from the pub past the Theosophical Society HQ, and went to my first meeting there a week later. Since then I have maintained my connection / disconnection to both and each other of these movements. It seems to me this gives me an unusual perspective of the “spiritual” ! - I went to live and Findhorn in 1981, and stayed for 7 years. Later I became National Treasurer of the Theosophical Society in England.

Humanities. By 2000, I had been Chair of the Epsom Common Association, and I was made redundant from my job, and I decided to do a Masters degree. I was very interested in how and why Policy was made and implemented, so I studied Discourse and Critical Discourse Analysis to do this, and discovered a range of really valuable new ideas. I then continued on to look at Elites, Social History, International Relations, Politics, etc. I’ve recycled much of that into the humanities section here.

Arts. Within this time period, I worked in Germany, and I got bored, so I started going to the Frankfurt art galleries and museums every week (and then to an Irish pub). When I got back to the UK, I carried on – I realised there was so many great ideas in the arts, and artefacts in the museums, and it was all there for me to learn from. I’ve continued the gallery and museum visits ever since, and done a few art classes recently - my paintings were much better than I expected ! For many years I sang in Choirs, and I listen to music a lot.