All arts and artists are spiritual, but some are deliberately spiritual. This applies to painting, sculpture, music, and modern new media

  • I've gathered information about the most important "spiritual artists" - usually a photo or painting of the artist, some of their works, some quotes, and some links to sites, Artcyclopedia, etc. Some artists are included because they gave really good quotes, others are excluded because they didn't.
    It's divided it into sections:-
  • I want to look at the main theosophical artists and composers - Kandinsky, Mondrian, Klee, Schoenberg and Scriabin were very influenced by theosophical ideas in the early 20th Century, and were particularly spiritual in their approach to their art.
  • to help develop a vocabulary for the spiritual in the arts - many writers ignore the spiritual because there are no acceptable ways of talking and writing about it.
  • There is also a directory which lists all the sections and pages

Inevitable, this section focusses mostly on individual artists rather than schools, and in many ways, because of the quotes, it's the most directly "spiritual" section of the site.

Please let me know if I missed anyone good, or if you'd like to do a series on baroque music or modern illustrators or whatever your fascination is !

For technical reasons with the software and structure, I have just included one image on each page, and then a separate page with more images, where appropriate !