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wavy notesAs a start, I’ve chosen some modern composers and some “rock Gods” for this section – all miusic is spiritual, but these guys have been particularly so in what they have done (IMHO), and some of them have particular connections to Theosophy and mysticism:-

It’s difficult to write about the spiritual in music when opinions are so varied. In the classical music world, there are composers, conductors and performers. So far I have only included composers, and then only those with a set of “good quotes”. The others will have to let their music speak for them, and I’m very happy to included some more playlists too, and for more suggestion via the forum …… (I hope to find people in specialist areas to do a “track of the week” – Baroque music, Indian music, Electronica, World music, especially if this is done via YouTube, as this transfers the copyright issue elsewhere)

Playlists so far

  • Bach choral
  • Bach sonatas
  • Gospel music

So, who have I not included, and why:-

Most early classical composers had to work within the Christian church, and while I love the Latin Mass and the way many composers express themselves through it, they didn’t actually say much themselves in an independent way, e.g. Bach (my favourite) didn’t write much.
Then we come to the Romantic period, and the “tortured souls” such as Beethoven. This is very much out of fashion now.

Many people find great meaning in Wagner, but it misses the point for me.

Then we come to the modernist and spiritual modern composers that I have chosen, where they have written music that is moving spiritually, and brings new harmonies and ideas, but they have also given good quotes !

I have included Dylan and Lennon as being (to me) the giants of Rock, especially as they successfully transformed themselves several times as they went along, and have made the most change in the world. I could add others, but I’m lazy, and don’t know where else to draw the line at the moment Gary Lachman's article  - "Concerto for Magic and Mysticism: Esotericism and Western Music."