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Picasso linocut
 Picasso linocut

This is the section about people who mostly make paintings (with a few printmakers). They all seem to have a spiritual perspective, or a level of spiritual realisation.

I'll try them in chronologial order for now !

Because the software is awkward with multiple images, and only certain types of pages fit in the book structure, I have just included one image on each page, and then a seperate page with more images. Nearly all images are courtesy of Wikipedia.

Basis for Selection

Mostly I've chosen them on the basis that I like their work, but "how interesting are their quotes" is also a big factor

Mostly they are fairly recent - before (say) 1880 most painters were constrained by social pressures as to what was respectable and interesting - they may have painted "more beautifully", but it was often either biblical or classical scenes, or portraits of the wealthy. I don't find this very interesting myself, and there are other sites for this. After the invention of photography, "accurate" art struggled to continue.

But, on the other hand, they are not TOO recent - it's hard to tell yet which recent artists will :-

  1. produce great work
  2. be thought of as "spiritual"
  3. will produce good quotes

As always, I'm open to suggestions to add to the list. I will eventually have an "artist of the week (or day)" series on the forum or Facebook - I'm finding some brilliant stuff, but, I'm not sure if it's art, design or illustration, or if it matters.