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old typewriterThis is the list, which includes novelists, poets, philosphers, etc., in order of date of birth :-

That will do for now, until I find some more to add. I ‘ll also add some other sections later

  • George’s science fiction favourites
  • The Great Myths – Parzifal, Dante, Faust
  • More …….. when you send it in

I must make some confessions:-

  1. I used to read fiction ALL the time – once I started a  book I couldn’t put it down. I read nearly everything at first, but then especially science fiction – I claim to have read all the SF available in the UK by 1975.
  2. Then, at the third attempt, I read James Joyce’s “Ulysses”, and after that I stopped reading fiction, with some few exceptions like the works of Herman Hesse.
  3. I like a short poem that rhymes, but struggle with longer ones, and I’m not very keen on plays and theatre.
  4. Accordingly, I’m selecting the authors in this section from memory, plus what I have “borrowed” from Phil Innes, who regularly publishes selections of quotes from authors in his online “Vermont Views Magazine” I have chosen some that I like from there - Many thanks !