This site has 2 main elements in its name, Convergence and Lodge (go to Lodge for information about joining)

I have used the word Convergence because there is a coming together in 4 key areas, and science, spirit, humanities, and arts form the main chapters of this “online book”.

The main areas of Convergence are:-the site logo has four coloured arrows converging

  1. Evolution – all of the areas have discourses about evolution, in particular – spiritual evolution and personal growth (Spirit section), biological (Darwinian) evolution (Science section), and social and cultural evolution (Humanities section). The Arts have a less strong narrative of evolution, but, there have been massive changes over the last century.
  2. The Changing Ages – all of these areas now talk of a quantum leap forward - spirituality talks of the New Age and the “Age of Aquarius”;  the academic humanities and social studies are integrating post-modernism; the arts have had numerous new “schools”, perhaps the most influential being the modernism of the early 20th Century. Now even science has begun to talk of a geological Anthropocene age, where man has become the major geological force on the planet, creating climate change and mass extinctions. Plus there is the “digital age”, which at the moment is included in the science section, which I also expand to look at human and machine operating systems and apps.
    These ideas gathered together form a very strong picture of a changing age, but it’s not necessarily a positive picture at the moment.
  3. Models – each sector uses a different form of modelling, and I will try to bring some of these together. Economics uses algorithms and computer modelling just as much as cosmology and meteorology, and all the spiritual systems have models implicit in them. I will also look at systems of modelling such as "X levels of Y" models, "spectrum of X" models, and also "the hierarchy of Z" models, and build up collections of these.

A lot of cross-fertilisation is possible between the sections !

I also particularly want to test "spiritual ideas" by using them to look at other areas and also vice-versa, to see if the commonplace “spiritual truisms” are justified by modern experience and experimentation.

My particular personal approach is to use the best modern techniques (New Age), plus the best of the ideas from traditional spirituality (Theosophy) plus the selective and critical approach of the modern academic disciplines (Post Modernism). This may provide a better road map than we have at the moment. These are part of the Spirit Section, though I have reorganised them into purpose, techniques, models, the path, maps and history.

The site has 4 main sections  – arts, sciences, humanities, and spirituality, and throughout the site there is a sort of spiritual (with a small s) perspective. Even within these main areas, there are a number of divisions:-

  • Sciences – physical and life sciences, and also technology and digital techniques
  • Arts – light and colour based, sound based, materials based, plus others – software, A/V, mixed media, crafts, design
  • Spirituality – there is what I call modern spirituality (or new age), which has many personal growth and development techniques, and also theosophy, which is the word I use for the traditional theories from the ageless wisdom. (The main world religions are not a major focus here.)
  • Humanities – there are social sciences, history, economics and psychology, among many other academic disciplines

However, as I have put the site together, I have realised that several other sections are possible which gather the information in an interesting and useful way

  • History of consciousness and human development from early pre-history to the new age
  • Analyses in the form of "X levels of Y" and/or "a spectrum of Z"
  • Software - both digital and human