A Rational World

Please don’t laugh at my fantasy !!!

What would it be like if we had a rational world ? Have a rest from your normal ways of thinking and consider this for a few minutes. (elsewhere I have also written a companion piece “A Spiritual World”)

Things might be different:-

  • People would work until they had a nice house and enough investments for life (say 1 million £ $ or €) and then they would retire,
  • We would strictly conserve stocks of oil for future generationssquare tiles for American states
  • Oil is probably our most valuable raw material, and plastics are fantastic materials, but far too valuable to be disposable. Huge amounts of oil and plastic are wasted, not to mention the environmental damage that plastics do, either being burnt or thrown away. Plastics in the sea are a particular concern now.
  • We suspect that many consumer goods have planned obsolescence – your washing machine is designed to die after 2 years, just after the warranty runs out, so you have to buy a new one. This is outrageous, and 5 year warranties must be compulsory on all goods
  • We will reach a plateau of technical development soon – mpg for cars , processor speeds for computers
  • Capitalism is supposed to be competitive, but there is a false competition going on now – there are tiny fractional differences between different makes of car / TV / refrigerator
  • We would choose our government on the basis of wisdom and personal virtue (what is the current basis ? it’s hard to grasp !)
  • The press and news reporters would give a balanced view of what is going on, and not be partisan or take sides
  • ...................

Please let me know more suggestions using the forum, and I’ll add them to the list !