Economics and Money

Economics and Money

This section only has a few articles, first on the main laws of Economics and the hidden hand (drawn from popular sources), then articles by myself on "levels of money", and employment (G)

There are also an article from another section on the "7 Laws of Money" which gives an alternative view, and one raising some questions for the forum. There are also a few articles that I’ll try to write as time goes by - I'm trying to persuade myself to persevere by announcing them now !

(I don't have much to say about macro-economics, the national and global economy, etc.)

  1. The main laws of Economics  (mostly from Wikipedia) and the hidden hand - the main laws of economics (such as the Law of Supply and Demand) work really well, but no-one knogold currency signsws how !!
  2. Levels of money - how you see money depends on how much you have
  3. Employment - why does everyone work so hard ?
  4. Capitalism - is there an alternative ?
  5. Alternative money systems
  6. The 7 laws of money some ideas to transform our personal realtion ship to money (from spirit  section > maps+best practice)
  7. Discussions when I set up the forum ......
    1. What if I have some spare money ?
    2. Currency Speculation - is it inevitable ?
    3. Exploitation - is it implicit in Capitalism ?

As always, please let me know if you can help improve this section - you will be rewarded with great praise, but not much money !