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History Introduction

When I started this site, I didn’t think there would be a history section – I’m not very interested in it !

However, as I’ve gone along I’ve realised that some of what I’ve written forms a strange sort of alternative spiritual history, and I have put those in sequential order.

These pieces are mostly from other sections, except for the ones on food, which were originally part of another project, but they fit in well here.

  1. Flints show the development of consciousness (1 million BC onwards)
  2. Teeth, plaque and the microbiome in history (1 million BC onwards)
  3. Domestication and the Bengalese finch ( ? 10,000 BC onwards)
  4. History of sexuality from Foucault's books (ancient Greece to modern times)
  5. Slavery from Runciman (to be written)
  6. Diggers and greens (to be written)
  7. Overview of the spiritual ages  (1875 to now)
  8. Theosophy and its offshoots (1875 to now)
  9. History of food production (1900 to now)
    This is part of a major project I did and there are 12 very short sections. Nearly all aspects of human life have modernised and developed in a similar way to this.
    1. The big historical picture - the original questions
    2. Imaginary starting point
    3. Tractors and farm equipment
    4. Fertilizers
    5. Pesticides, insecticides, fungicides
    6. Plant breeding
    7. Storage of crops
    8. The factory field - fields for an industrial process
    9. Animal feeds - what animals eat
    10. Animal health - old and new problems
    11. The animal factory - do animals live in factories now ?
    12. Food processing and preserving
    13. Food additives
    14. Summary and notes
  10. Findhorn foundation - brief notes on its development (1962 to now)
  11. New movements - transition, occupy ....... and ........