Politics Section. Nearly all of this section is drawn from academic sources, in particular books on Policy Analysis and work on Elites.

I then spoil it by writing my own thoughts on democracy and delegates, on co-operatives, and on some modern movements such as Transition Towns, partly to provoke discussion and thought on the forum (G)

The sections are:

  1. Policy Analysis is a well-established academic subject. Unfortunately, sometimes policy is created based on ideological or political values, however, there is also a "proper" way of doing itphoto of House of Commons - analysing what is the current situation, seeing what the problems are, creating a new policy to solve the problems, carrying out an implementation, and finally examining the results, and if necessary, altering the policy to improve it.
  2. Modern Political Systems are also studied by academics. Every country has a political system. These are of several main types which have been extensively analysed by social scientists – Marxism, the New Right, and Neo-Pluralism. This article briefly describes them and adds some stereotypes about how their opponents see them.
  3. Elites and Establishments - Thius is how most organisations operate. Elitism is the belief that government by a small ruling group is normatively desirable. Of course, elites and establishments can arise in any organisation, from a football club or a darts team to a national government. Academics have studied this and developed a number of useful classifications that are relatively little known
  4. Democracy or Delegates or a wisdom based system ? We generally think of democracy as the best system, and that we should have more and more of it - as we have more social media, we can use that for voting on every local and national issue. As we are currently seeing, the whole process is suspect – democracy does not always give a good result !
  5. Cooperatives and charities (to be written)
  6. Development of Organisations (to be written)
  7. Living cooperative. How do we want to live as we get older – in a cooperative housing scheme ?
  8. Transition and Community. Therse are two major options for how we can better organise ourselves in future