Psychology section.

I have never got on with classical academic psychology. While Freud and the behaviourists may have made great advances, they have rejected or excluded any mention of the “spiritual”, so it is hard for me to accept their work as true or useful. Although there is a spiritual side to Jung, and I admire and occasionally use the idea of archetypes, I have never found him easy to read, or of any particular use to me (sorry !)

However there is a certain type of psychology that has an academic basis, and also has direct personal applications, such as Psychosynthesis and Nero-Linguistic Programming - I have found really useful, particularly in workshop settingsshows a brain - half multicoloured, the other black and white

So, there are 3 pages in this section so far:-

  • Psychological Techniques. I’ve extracted some simple personal growth and psychological techniques from NLP, Psychosynthesis and some similar sources. I think these will be safe and interesting for people to try on their own, although it’s nearly always preferable to do these with a trained practitioner.
    These are also included in the spirit>techniques section, along with several other collections of techniques from spiritual and New Age sources
  • Foucault’s “History of Sexuality”. This is a 3-volume work (in Penguin paperback) which is an "archaeology of sexuality" - inevitably that means it’s psychological. I've tried to make a fair summary of his books in 700 words !
    This article is also included in the spirit>path>post-modernism section
  • Psychology of Food. This is derived from my Masters dissertation - it's a collection about our “strangeness” with animals and food. The food is not necessarily the cause of the strangeness, but is deeply involved in it. It features such questions as "why are so many children’s books about the "Farmyard of Eden" (nice animals in the farmyard, who talk to each other) "?  …………. And there is more …..

I will add more pages later, but would also welcome short articles from other people - about 500 words, plus some links !