Science of Thought

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Science of Thought Introduction

As you may have noticed, I’m very interested in thought – what it is, how it works, and what techniques there are for using and improving it.

This collection gathers together may of the main techniques and ideas about thought. I hope to create separate collections of analysis methods and of mental techniques too

  1. How thought works - derived mostly from Test Analysis
  2. Discourse Toolbox – my own discourse toolbox gathers all the main material from the discourse, CDA and dispositive sections into a practical set of tools.
  3. Discourse – A short introduction - there is a lot more - I think it's interesting !
    1. The Original Questions
    2. Structure and Properties of Discourse.
    3. Discourse Events
    4. Discourse Planes and Positions
    5. Societal Discourses
    6. How does Discourse affect us ?
    7. The Limits of Discourse and other mental faculties
  4. Critical Discourse Analysis – CDA overview and introduction
    1. CDA and Power
      1. What is Power ?
      2. How Does it work ?
      3. Who has Power, and why ?
    2. Technical academic background to CDA - omitted for now - emailed on request !
  5. The Dispositive
    1. Dispositive Theory
  6. Context analysis
  7. Organisation Analysis
  8. Cybernetics
    1. Comparing a mind to a computer
    2. Human Operating System
  9. Memetics
  10. Conversation analysis
  11. Hierarchy of ideas
  12. Emotional Labour
  13. Lateral thinking, generating new ideas, creativity, narrative
  14. Thoughtforms, mental models, mind maps