Organisation Analysis

Submitted by admin on Fri, 09/02/2016 - 13:17

When you stop and think about it, organisations are curious creatures:-

  • sometimes we care so much about them (countries and churches) that we would die for them
  • they are our chosen way of organising ourselves to trade necessary supplies (companies) and provide necessary services (hospitals, social services)
  • some build their lives around them, others use them to provide for their needs, others use them as tools (or even toys ?)
  • they can be constituted as charities, businesses, partnerships, clubs, societies, co-operatives, etc.
  • they can be led by entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, directors, trustees, managers, committees, and so on.
  • every organisation has its foundation myth, where new recruits are told how and why the organisation began
  • every organisation creates policies, and systems to implement them
  • some organisations have charters, rules, covenants etc. which bind their operations
  • it will use money and effort to achieve its goals
  • and, we always complain about them
  • are they entities ? do they have their own existence ?
  • each organization has multiple stages birth, growth, development, maturity, challenges, combinations (mating and cross-fertilisation), crystallization, decay, and then possibly transformation, otherwise death

This is a sort of check list to study and evaluate organisations we come in contact with.