There are a number of new initiatives which could be developed from the four main sections, and these might together form a “new world register”. To make a start .......

  • Projects – gathering the best practice from the most successful projects worldwide – what works well in different times, places and groups ? Any ideas for guidelines for best practice ? (Plus link pages and forum topics – see below)
  • Designs - adding good new designs, that often don't get enough publicity quickly enough to take off - this is the same as part of the Arts > Design sectionfireworks display
  • Initiatives. I want to create a small register of initiatives that have worked well in other times and places. I've been fortunate that some of these have worked well for me, though to be fair, other things haven't.
    1. Savings Club / Credit Union
    2. Compost project and other recycling projects using public funding
    3. Gallery tours and other types of events - Europe Club
    4. Brotherhood Lodge
  • Movements – do we need a new movement ? why do some movements grow, others shrink, others transform or regenerate (conservation is diminishing, while regeneration is now spoken of), while unexpected things happen (Brexit, Covid). What can we learn and understand here ?
  • Innovation. There are many good innovations in all sort of areas – can we collect the best of them ?

There is lots of potential, and lots of detail to fill in - the whole site was on the back of an envelope 6 years ago, so be patient !