Here is some information for visitors :-

  1. You are very welcome to read all the areas on the site, or stick to just one if you prefer. 
  2. I highly recommend that you try the "Search" feature - it can show some remarkable breadth of convergence !
  3. There is a forum, but comments on individual articles are not possible. You need to join the Lodge to contribute to the forum.
  4. There will be a Facebook page too.a council of native americans
  5. The site is free and without advertising, and it is open to people of all types, without any distinction of class, race, sex, colour, age, etc.
  6. All the ideas and thoughts on the site are “works in progress”, they are being developed and continually improved – they are not fixed and finite, and they are not beliefs (at least, not to me)

If you want to join, I have called the site a “Lodge” for a number of reasons :-

  1. If you would like to join, please send an email to george@convergencelodge.org, telling me about yourself and what you are interested in.
    Please write about 300 words, but more if you want to – you need to convince me of your sincere intentions !
    I am also interested to know the languages, countries and ages of members, and any special interests that you have, and if you are connected to any other groups or organisations. When there are a few people from any language or regional group, I’d be happy to try and introduce you to each other and set up a forum section in that language.

What follows is a type of “Terms and Conditions”, but please read it anyway

  1. All lodges, whether masonic or theosophical, have a rule of brotherhood, and I want people to behave towards each other in a spirit of brotherhood. You can behave with any type of brotherhood you want, whether Theosophical, Marxist, Masonic, Trade Union, Christian or Native American, or Sisterhood. They are all equally good, as long as they work out in practice as respect, tolerance and politeness.
  2. If you behave with insufficient respect or brotherhood, you may be warned and/or kicked off the site. I find high levels of assertiveness un-brotherly. Until a group forms, I myself will be the reluctant arbiter of this.
  3. I hope the site will otherwise have full equality, with no distinctions based on class, race, sex, colour, age, etc..
  4. I’m sorry if you don’t like the word Brotherhood – all the workarounds for this are very clumsy, (sisterhood, brother and sisterhood, personhood etc.) so I hope you’ll be able to take this in your stride.
  5. I'd like to find 5 or 6 people who like my approach and who want to help to develop this further – at a certain future point, I will have used up most of my material, and I hope to find others with parallel material and interests that I can also add to the site
  6. All of this is in a formative stage - please let me know if you have a better idea of how to get involved, or if you'd like to help me tweak the structures or improve the content.
  7. I don’t want anyone who is convinced of their rightness to join the group and push their views. This applies to fundamentalists of all types, including “scientific atheists” and also Christian and other religious missionaries. Sorry. Perhaps you can find other and better ways of propagating your views.
  8. Joining the Lodge does not mean you have joined any other organisation – you have not suddenly become a member of the theosophical society or a freemason. However, I welcome affiliations with any other organisations anywhere in the world – theosophical groups of any type, art groups, science groups, etc.
  9. It is fair to say that Convergence Lodge is currently quite an insubstantial organisation in all senses of the word ! But, perhaps in the future small groups will form and hold meetings.
  10. I could add some resources for membersif there is a demand
    1. The forum – please use this for serious and permanent comments on the topics
    2. I can set up a Facebook page for friendship and connections – Facebook is too transient for serious debate
    3. I can set up a range of private areas on the site for collaborative working
    4. I could send out emails of recent updates and improvements to the site
    5. I’m not sure how the members can best introduce themselves too each other – I don’t want to be the spider at the centre of a web where I mediate everything that happens. We could have a private forum area for this.
    6. All sorts of private member’s areas are possible on a Drupal site like this.
  11. Originally I set up an application form for joining  (I can return to that if people prefer it) but I think it is more friendly and personal to send an email, and it mostly solves the problem of spam/robot signups. So, membership is not automatic – on a previous test site I got a lot of fraudulent attempts to sign up, so it may take a short while for your membership to be accepted. If you have applied and you haven’t heard after a few days, please send me another email.
  12. All applications from some countries may be automatically rejected due to previous spam issues – if your email is from any of the following - mail.ru - yahoo.com - .science or - .top domains, please switch to another service if you want to join. No doubt I’ll have to add others later.
  13. If you are hacked and your computer generates spam postings, you will be suspended until it is sorted out.

This may seem like too much information, but I prefer to be open and explicit !