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a shoal of fishes makes the shape of a fish There is more potential for the site – as time goes by, and as interest increases, I will add further sections .......

  1. Initiatives. I want to create a small register of initiatives that have worked well in other times and places. I've been fortunate that some of these have worked well for me, though to be fair, other things haven't.
    1. Savings Club / Credit Union
    2. Compost project and other recycling projects using public funding
    3. Gallery tours events
    4. Brotherhood Lodge
  2. People and connections. In this section I hope to include a number of pages of ways people can connect together
    1. Events
    2. Websites of interest
    3. Local Groups
    4. "Solo Discoverers" - the people who have self-published their new (unconventional) ideas and theories
    5. I am also willing to set up private workspaces and forum areas for site members who want to form sub-groups
  3. Services. I can also provide a range of services
    1. Personal blogs for members
    2. Web publishing service for members
    3. Art gallery service
    4. Taxonomic indexing of the site
    5. Site map

These will be added and developed as time goes by ..........