There is more potential for the site – as time goes by, and as we see how things go, I may add further sections, perhaps initially on the forum, then making them into pages .......

  1. People and connections. In this section I hope to include a number of pages of ways people can connect together  Plus sign made of rainbow colours
    1. Events
    2. Websites of interest
    3. Local Groups
    4. "Solo Discoverers" - the people who have self-published their new (unconventional) ideas and theories
    5. I am also willing to set up private workspaces and forum areas for site members who want to form sub-groups
  2. Services. I can also provide a range of services
    1. Personal blogs for members
    2. Web publishing service for members
    3. Art gallery service
    4. Taxonomic indexing of the site
    5. Site map

Some more ideas for the future - remember, the whole site started like this on the back of an envelope, but,  it may take a while

  • Planet – what about globalisation/internationalism, and the warming, population and other crises. What planetary agreements are there, and how can these be implemented and improved ? How are we doing with the SDG's ?
  • People – I’ve created several person pages like personal best practice, a curriculum, and roadmaps, Can I gather those here, then can I develop it more - focus on people who have made outstanding contributions (in arts, science, teaching, spirit etc) – wise child videos, etc
  • Models – in several sections there are models – especially in science (climate, cosmos, etc.) and in the humanities (economics, society, psychology), and also the spiritual section . Many of the models have particular patterns – the hierarchy of X, and the Y levels of Z - I want to gather those together !
  • History – there is the strange “spiritual history” which I have included in the Humanities section, plus a Spiritual History section too.
  • The Changing Ages – in particular is there a tension between
    • the new “spiritual ages” – New Age, Post-Modernism, permaculture. Community, green, transition movements,
    • and the entirely different Scientific new ages – the Anthropocene, Digital age, age of the Internet, AI and robots. How will these fit together (or not)

These can be mostly drawn together (discovered) from articles in the other sections (Art, Science, Spirit and Humanities), Sometimes I'd need to do more research.

For me, the most important one would be the Projects section – perhaps it’s unfair to try and select the best project(s) in a field – there are always a better project we haven’t heard of yet. The fields could be youth work, permaculture, recycling, community, education, art, development, water, new money, energy ……. and so on …….

But, I'll make a start (soon), and aim to do something in 10 different areas, then it might be inspiring to read, and give a clearer idea of how the “New World” can take shape !

If others would like to get involved, please let me know

When the forum is going I can have a “project area of the week” where we can do this research together.