A Spiritual World ?

Submitted by admin on Tue, 08/16/2016 - 22:56

This is meant as a companion piece to “A rational world” which is in the Humanities section.

It is based on the question, “If we applied all our spiritual ideas, and the world was then a spiritual world, then what would the world be like ?”

It seems more difficult to write than the “Rational World” one

Some ideas to start us off:-

  1. In each time zone, the people would stop for a 15 minute meditation / quiet time at 12 noon every day. Drivers would even stop and turn off their engines, and trains stop at a station.
  2. Anger and hatred would be considered to be illnesses
  3. We would choose our leader on the basis of their wisdom and compassion
  4. All decision making would be by consensus – there would be no more winners and losers
  5. Work would be a privilege, but the workless would contribute to the improvement of every aspect of the environment

Would we actually want all of these ? would we lose too much by having no little competition or polarisation ? What would happen to “progress” in this world ?

Once again, I’m a bit stuck with this – please help by adding more on the forum thread !