Community vs Transition

Submitted by admin on Tue, 08/16/2016 - 23:06

What is the best way forward for us all ??

Long ago, I lived in a spiritual community for 7 years (at Findhorn). I enjoyed it, but … there are not many communities – if anything the movement has shrunk in the last few years, and perhaps it’s also become more for the wealthy

However, the alternative communities movement seems to be increasing – see Diggers and Dreamers for the UK - there are quite a lot of retirement co-housing projects being planned

More recently, I’ve been involved with the Transition movement – we tried to form a group in our London outer suburb/town but it never really got going – the transition model only seems to work in small country towns with 10-20,000 population. Now I’ve moved to Merseyside, I’m very pleased at how well Transition is going in Liverpool, and at the range of initiatives going on that don’t define themselves as “Transition”, but could be if they wanted to

I got interested in the Uncivilisation movement too, but then lost the impetus – their very impressive manifesto is here

The eco-village network seems to be making progress recently

Worldwide, there has been the “Arab spring” and the collapse of the Soviet block, and no doubt other planetary events which may have had spiritual roots or spiritual effects. I don’t know much about these, but would welcome writings form anyone who has experience of them. There is also the worldwide Rainbow Alliance ……

Each of these movements has its own flavour and its own trajectory, and it’s interesting to trace this

I’ve created a forum page for this – can you send suggestions as to what is the “next wave”, and how we can help and support it ? (as well as supporting the existing movements)