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old sunday school registerHere I will set up a number of new sections which together form a “new world register”

  • Projects – gathering the best practice from the most successful projects worldwide – what works well in different times, places and groups ? Any ideas for guidelines for best practice ? (Plus link pages and forum topics – see below)
  • Planet – what about globalisation/internationalism, and the warming, population and other crises. What planetary agreements are there, and how can these be implemented and improved
  • Movements – looking at movements – why some grow, others shrink (I’m thinking mostly of community and transition), while unexpected things happen (Brexit). What can we learn ?
  • People – I’ve got several pages like personal best practice, curriculum, and roadmap, so this section gathers those, then adds link pages for interesting people or who have made outstanding contributions (in arts, science, teaching, spirit etc) – wise child videos, etc
  • Models – in several sections there are models – especially in science (climate, cosmos, etc.) and in the humanities (economics, society, psychology), but also the spiritual section is full of these too. Many of the models have particular patterns – the hierarchy of X, and the Y levels of Z, and I want to gather those in particular !
  • History – A strange “spiritual history” takes shape from the pages I’ve done …

These are mostly drawn together (discovered) from articles in the other sections (Art, Science, Spirit and Humanities), sometimes expanded.

The main one of these is the Projects section – perhaps it’s unfair to have the 6 best ……..  projects, where …….. stands for youth work, permaculture, recycling, community, educational, art, development, water, new money, energy ……., and so on …….

But, if we could find the “best 6 projects in each group” – the “best one of these on each continent” plus others with particular specialities worth visiting, then new people could quickly understand the best way forward for their own circumstances, and, if we eventually had 20 sets of these, it might be the most inspiring read possible, and give us all a clearer idea of how the “New World” can be !

(it really helps me if they have a good website in English !)

(Is there a better way than this – a directory of demonstration / model projects,  or a directory of projects with comments like “travel 1000 miles to see this one”)

We’re a long way from that at the moment, but I’ll make a start, and do more research myself, and hope others will help – so, if you in a position to be able to evaluate a group of projects, then please let me know the results !

When the site is going I can have a “project area of the week” where I hope others would help me research.