I love modern design – one of my highlights of every recent year has been to go to the Design Museum in London for their “Design of the Year” show, where they select about 100 of the best new designs.

Here are some examples - please send more, and I’ll try to think of a way of making a better page :-

  • image from monument valley gameI wanted to get an iPad so I could get this game -  Monument Valley game - image here
  • This firm produces a synthetic "human organ on a chip" for drug testing ...... their website
  • Quite a lot of cows and calves are lost in un-attended births - this sensor fits on the cows tail and alerts the farmer 1 hour before the calf is born when the cow lifts its tail !
  • loopwheels have the suspension inside the wheel - great for wheelchairs and bikes - website
  • air bag built into the motorcyclists clothing with wireless connection to sensors on the bike - UK supplier website

I hope to add more .........