Recycling Projects

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mushroom growing on coffeeRecycling Projects

I have built up a collection of the best projects and ideas in a number of areas - eventually I’ll gather them on a website - I’m getting there with that …… but in the meantime ……..

Local mushroom production is getting well established - the first two are local green businesses using coffee grounds (these are in southwest England)

Nice video of an urban mushroom farm - seems to use only coffee grounds (bike with trailer collection and delivery service !!)

This video is the most important one to look at and show people, I think it lasts about 3 minutes. There is also a site with more words and a better description of the process from a similar project is  and there is also a home-scale version of this

I think it’s one of those things where medium scale may go better than small scale

bales of plastic for processingPlastics Recycling also has huge potential - as a free raw material, as job creation, education, and local economy elements.

My estimate is that 1 million plastic bottles go into the waste every week in Merseyside

Precious Plastics is mostly focussed on building cheap and simple machinery to do plastic recycling - The video on the front page is the key one to look at, but they have a lot more good information and designs for machines there on the site. I think there is a lot of potential in this type of thing. is a good video of making building bricks from waste plastic in a very simple way - you don’t have to sort and clean it so much as making smaller things. But, how would they fit with the building and fire regulations ? - their funding request is to get the proper testing done for that