Long ago I thought that I would return to science when I got older. Well, I suppose that is now - I began subscribing to "New Scientist" again a few years ago, and there is some wonderful stuff coming out  - science seems to be making a quantum leap in understanding in many areas. My own main interests are in evolution, the planet, and in materials science, which is what I studied as an under-graduate long ago.  I am less interested in cosmology, dark matter, quantum theory and the "first second of creation", These are at the extremes of our understanding - I am more interested in the middle ground of human and technical advances. I regularly note the best articles and make a short précis of the ones I like best when I have an interesting group of them. This is on the basis of them showing "Signs of Spirit" - an advance in shows images of 4 branches of scienceunderstanding, or something that relates to the spiritual traditions or to the realisations from modern spirituality.

The articles are divided into a number of categories:-

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Please let me know if you want to know more about a particular topic – I have online access to New Scientist, and I have downloaded all the articles and can send them to you (in moderation - they are copyright New Scientist)