The Magnetosphere (protecting the earth)

Submitted by admin on Tue, 05/24/2016 - 22:39

a diagram of the magnetosphereObviously, the sun provides the warmth and light for life and earth, but, there are also problems with the solar wind, which is formed of very highly charged particles, which flow continuously from the sun. The earth has the magnetosphere which is like a bubble of magnetism, and this generally protects us against the solar wind, but, sometimes the magnetic field lines of the sun and the magnetic field lines of the earth can align with each other, forming cracks in the magnetosphere. Charged particles flowing into these cracks during this magnetic reconnection process can cause dazzling auroras, and also disrupt navigation systems and power grids.

However, gases in the earth’s upper atmosphere are ionised by ultraviolet light from the sun, forming a plasma which makes a doughnut-shaped ring around the earth –the plasmasphere. Theory has suggested that an extra strong electric field from a solar storm can rip plasma away from the plasmasphere during reconnection, causing a plume of plasma, which creates a further buffer against the effects of the solar storm. This entire cycle of the life of a plasma plume has now been observed from a satellite and ground observatories, forming a remarkable picture of how life on earth is protected. This may begin to correlate with statements in the theosophical literature about the planetary logos having subsidiary beings which protect the earth.

12 March 2014