Findhorn Common Ground

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The Findhorn Common Ground document is agreed to by all residents of the community as their aim. It can be downloaded as a PDF from the Findhorn Foundation Website

In service to spirit, humanity and the earth - we hold in common the following Principles, Essence and Guidelines

There are 3 Principles

  • Deep Inner Listening
  • Co-creation with Nature
  • Love in Action


  • We live in clarity and integrity, and seek nothing less than truth.
  • We live in openness with deep listening, and seek nothing less than communion.
  • We live in gratitude and open-heartedness, and seek nothing less than love.
  • We live in courage and willingness, and seek nothing less than our soul’s path.
  • We live in cooperation and shared vision, and seek nothing less than alignment with Spirit.
  • We live in awareness and responsibility, and seek nothing less than peace.
  • We live in acceptance and surrender, and seek nothing less than freedom


1. Spiritual Practice

I have an active spiritual practice to align with spirit and support me to work for the highest good.

2. Service

I bring an attitude of service to others and to our planet, recognising I must also consider my own needs.

3. Personal Growth

I am committed to the expansion of human consciousness and my own personal growth. I endeavour to recognise and change personal attitudes and behaviour patterns that are limiting.

4. Integrity

I embody congruence of thought, word and action. I take responsibility for the spiritual, environmental and human effects of my activities.

5. Respecting Others

I wholeheartedly respect other people - their differences, views, origins, backgrounds and issues. I respect all forms of life and the Community’s and other people’s property.

6. Direct Communication

I use clear and honest communication with open listening, heart-felt responses, loving acceptance and straightforwardness. I talk to people rather than about them. In public and in private I do not malign or demean others. I may seek helpful advice but do not seek to collude.

7. Reflection

I recognise that anything I see outside myself—any criticisms, irritations or appreciations—may also be reflections of what is inside me, and I commit to looking at these before addressing others.

8. Feedback

I am willing to listen to constructive feedback and work with it. I offer feedback to others in a caring and appropriate way to challenge and support each other to grow.

9. Nonviolence

I do not inflict my attitudes or desires on others. Where appropriate I step in and stop violence, manipulation or intimidation of myself or others, or at least say that I would like it to stop.

10. Perspective

For the benefit of the whole Community I may need to put aside my personal issues. I acknowledge that there may be wider perspectives than my own and deeper issues than those I am immediately aware of.

11. Cooperation

I clearly communicate my decisions to others who may be affected by them, and consider their views respectfully. I recognise that others may make decisions which affect me, and I respect the care and integrity they have put into their decision-making process.

12. Peacekeeping

I make every effort to resolve disputes. I may call for an advocate, friend, independent observer or mediator to be present, and will use and follow the Community’s grievance procedures as necessary.

13. Agreements

I respect the law of the land, keep agreements I have made, and do not break or try to evade any Community guidelines.

14. Commitment

I bring the spirit of this statement of Common Ground to all my dealings.