Spiritual Curriculum

Submitted by admin on Mon, 08/15/2016 - 23:52

Gathering together all the main ideas I have mentioned in the New Age and Theosophical sections might amount to a spiritual curriculum …… but this would look very onerous and burdensome (you can do it for yourself if you want, or just read all the books on the booklist !!)

So, I thought I’d try and write a practical curriculum another way ……

A person could usefully include in their life something of every item on this list:-

  1. Some form of physical exercise – yoga, tai chi, sport (to get your body in as good a state as you can – you’ll feel better as well as it being “spiritual”) - some people recommend martial arts
  2. Some form of artistic or craft practice – art, singing, making things
  3. Some form of mental endeavor – preferably at a level that includes the ability to make a good précis of a topic, and to be able to make a fair critique (if possible get a professional qualification)
  4. Support yourself – earn your own living – there is no substitute for it (running your own business and being an employee are different but equal, they suit different people– over the years, try both)
  5. Live in a foreign country and learn a language – it is SO good for your mind to do this
  6. Live in community – the main ones are Findhorn, Auroville and Damanhur
  7. Gather group experience – either in personal growth groups, in co-operatives, or in team sports (and preferably in all of them !)
  8. Develop caring and kindness - volunteer to help with old people / homeless / disabled / learning difficulties people
  9. I’m no expert, but apparently the best advice on relationships is, if you want to settle down with someone, go out with 12 people and then choose either the best of them, or the next best one that comes along
  10. Get experience of the inner worlds, either by meditation or conscious dreaming
  11. Follow your own star !

And remember, the real tests of your spiritual development are in how you behave towards other drivers when you drive your car, and how well and happily you do the washing up !

Looks like a good curriculum for life in general really (hmm, people write self-help bestsellers with less material than this …..). Some might say it's not particularly spiritual, but if you can stay open to your own experiences, I'm not sure that it matters.

Perhaps interested readers could add to this project – this is close to the core of what I want to try and provide on the site ! This is very much a first draft at the moment.