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The new age is a self-defining movement, and few “outsiders” would describe it in positive terms. It is like a spiritual supermarket where every product from every culture around the world can be found on its shelves. It includes a wide range of ideas (some of which are contradictory), and it includes a wide range of people too !

So, it's a funny beast, with multiple levels and many facets :-

  1. The service-oriented Findhorn New Age, which creates a safe space for growth and evolution of the group members
  2. Groups which are orientated to healing and support for each other
  3. Groups which revolve around inspirational or aspirational teachings (search Google for images for inspirational quote – there are thousands !!)
  4. Marketing-oriented “New Age Teachers”,
  5. Spiritual ornaments, crystals, rainbows (and old-style psychics)
  6. New Age Traveller – “dog on a string” festival-goers

I am most interested in the Findhorn version of the New Age, which I would call the rational and practical New Age.

I sometimes prefer to use the term “the modern spiritual movement” as it has more general usefulness, and doesn’t put people off. I see this as a set of ideas and techniques drawn from psychology, business, and group dynamics, which taken together form a personal growth and development movement. This is a new departure in recent times - such a range of tried and tested techniques has never been so widely available, often just for the price of a book or a weekend workshop.

There is a lot to look at, so I’ll write subsidiary articles for those who are interested:-

The above articles are a brief history and description of the “Findhorn New Age”
Because the new age centers around evolution, development, and relationship for the person, I have written the articles below to try and apply these ideas to the movement itself !

The first four articles form my "Findhorn Story and Essence" - it is just over 2,500 words. Obviously, it is my own narrative, and I have written it from my own perspective, almost 30 years on (my stay there was 1981-88). Equally obviously, I have omitted huge amounts that other people would include. There have been (say) 2,000 members of the community during its 50+ year life - the ones who came before me and the ones after me would all tell different stories of their lives, and give different versions of the history and "essence of Findhorn". I'd be very happy to add more people's stories to the site !