The Way Forward

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path to tibet - Roerich
path to tibet - Roerich

The Way Forward and the changing ages

There seems to be continuous development and advance in the world, and sometimes the changes are more rapid that we might have expected. Here are some of the main recent developments .....

Migration in and out of countries

I must declare an interest here – three out of my eight great-grandparents were illiterate Irish migrants to England in the mid and late 1800’s. I went to work in Germany for almost 2 years (I speak German badly but fluently), and then I lived in Brussels, Belgium for a year. I lived in a community where I made friends with people all over the world

So obviously, I think migration is very good for the people who do it – it gives them a great advantage in life. Statistics show that many of them go back to their country of origin.

However, I must confess that there are problems – The British have marketed themselves worldwide, so of course, everyone wants to come here where they can speak the language. However, things are not wonderful here , and I suspect a lot of them are disappointed. There are also practical limits in terms of land, housing and jobs.

Economic Development

Globalisation sometimes seems to be a positive thing – some of the former “Developing Countries” are now far along the path of development, for example middle classes are developing. Many other countries are making great strides forward.

However, there is also extreme exploitation – of people, and especially of the environment – this  “development” we are getting does not care for the future.

Internet, mobile communication and new technology.

30 years ago people wrote of the global brain, and now it’s happening, but perhaps in a more materialised way than was expected.

Sometimes it’s strange to see all the young people on trains locked into their mobile phones, but, they are connected nearly all the time to something bigger, even thought much of the content appears to be trivial - kittens and games.

However, virtual realities are taking shape, permanent health monitoring is round the corner, and 3D printing now allows us to make some of our own tools and utensils. On the other side of the balance, we must assume that all our actions on the Internet are subject to surveillance, while we can be identified by our faces, our gait, our fingerprint or our saliva!

Educational changes - They Raised the Bar

They have raised the bar for young people – there isn’t a lazy or easy path into manual work or factory production any more - they have to learn more skills nowadays to make progress in the world

Spiritual development

Some earlier advances may now be outdated. For example, Findhorn, doesn’t call itself New Age anymore – perhaps we are already Post New Age !

However, there are still many people trying to catch up, and many who seem stuck.

New Movements

Perhaps both the New Age and Post-Modernism may have been and gone, though many are still catching up.

The new communities movement flowered briefly and then faded, but may be reviving again.

Transition Towns were popular, but it was more difficult than anyone expected, but some are still moving forward

Un-civilise looked good for a while

There is always something now, and there is always a gain (they used to call this capacity building)

Is it really a new age ?

Also (for the start of a new age) it seems like a lot of souls with difficulties have come in …….. in the 50’s, I don’t remember any kids in school who were handicapped (either physically, mentally or socially) or who were falling behind – there were no teaching assistants, just one teacher who taught the whole class of 30, sat at desks in neat rows – some children were a bit slower, but everyone could read and write, and had all the numbers and times tables. It was militarised, but it worked.

Now, there are reports of classes with 80% children who have ADHD, dyslexia, obesity or allergies.

Why is this ?? is it the sensitive souls coming in ? Here is Europe we go to great lengths to help these kids get a good start in life, partly as it’s so expensive if they go off the rails later – it’s a false economy NOT to do this. In the USA it seems different, it’s the devil take the hindmost, and the failures end up in prison. In the rest of the world, the children seem healthier, even though air quality can be dreadful.

In Europe there is a lot of training in “creativity”. Perhaps there is an implicit understanding that there won’t be “productive work” in the old sense of the word, of people in factories producing things - it will all be done by robots. Maybe Europe is “docking” with the new age in this way, although we are a million miles from doing that in the dominant political attitudes.

Do we need to renew the New Age ? - probably – in a way, this site is an attempt to begin looking at this, which is one of the reasons I ask others to join in to collaboratively see the way(s) forward

Or is everything going OK ? - probably, despite all the dramas in the world