Findhorn Inner Worlds

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the Findhorn Nature Sanctuary
the Findhorn Nature Sanctuary

The inner worlds are a great blessing, but also a great difficulty and the source of many errors.

If you did a psychological exercise where you could imagine a pillar of violet light, or you could meet a wise old man in a garden, then it is clear that this is internal to you - the violet light is imagined, the old man may represent a not-yet integrated part of yourself, where wisdom and experience are stored. The idea of the exercise would be eventually to integrate these into your normal daily consciousness and have that wisdom all the time.
This is a safe and rational procedure, and there are a number of strong and simple techniques like this at the core of the New Age, which take full recognition that everything is really 'self-internal', although there are also external consensus realities.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are not doing things this way. They are finding their internal wise old man, then they think that his name is Melchisedek (or whatever) and they pronounce messages from him for the rest of the world, rather than integrating him into themselves.

As well as our inner worlds, there may also be an external and unseen 'spiritual' or psychic plane, and there may be real beings there. However, because they are 'unseen', does not mean they are 'special', and doesn't mean they have something worth saying or propagating. The difficulty is the same as meeting someone in real life who is said to be a Master. How can you know for yourself that they really are a Master ? What faculty would you use to recognise them ? How would you know ?

I can understand that people feel  that they need protection, or they need guidance, or, that they need more energy. If they have an 'invisible friend', or angels, or a guides, that seems OK to me. It is generally safe to assume that the person has created these beings themselves, perhaps without knowing it.

I will always remember someone in a group I led (I forget his name though) who channeled from all sorts of beings (with different funny voices). It got him lots of attention, but, it diminished him - the “beings” clearly knew much less than he did himself ! Essentially, what he was doing was a variant of spiritualism - if we are seeking comfort, then this might be useful, but if we seek wisdom, it seems we could only ever find this in conscious communication with other people, not with "spirits"

However, there are clearly also cases where people tap into some external source of guidance which is “higher” or “wiser” than they are themselves. At Findhorn, Eileen Caddy received clear and definite instructions from inside (she called it the “Voice of God”) that Peter Caddy obeyed unswervingly and creatively, leading to amazing results at Findhorn. Their friend Dorothy Maclean began communicating with nature spirits regarding the plants in their gardens, again, with astonishing results, such as the legendary giant cabbages (20kg, 40lbs). However, they both very carefully checked, tested and double-checked this guidance at the start, and I think what happened came as a surprise to both Eileen and Dorothy. Although they were well-prepared and even “trained” for it, they would not have chosen what happened to them. (Beware of people who choose to be channels or spiritual leaders !)

Another spiritual dimension at Findhorn is the "Angel of Findhorn". Many people are sensitive to a "spirit of place" especially in places where there is a sense of natural harmony. Other places may give rise to different feelings - of calmness, strength, wildness. The ancients called this the genius loci or spirit of place. Clearly something like this pre-existed at Findhorn - the beach, bay and dunes are very beautiful, but when the community came along, this developed into a over-lighting influence for the fledgling community, and many of the people in the community felt that this was a force which initially drew them there, and co-ordinated the numerous coincidences that occurred while they were there, and then helped them to move on elsewhere in their path