My own experience

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wanderer from the resplendent city, Roerich
wanderer from the resplendent city, Roerich

I loved the New Age when I was part of it and I lived at Findhorn. Then I set off to follow my star in the world, and inevitably this was something of a solo flight – I wanted to see if it worked, and what else I could find (and this site is some of the results of that).

In some ways I have always missed the levels of support, but then again a support can become a straightjacket if taken too far, so in other ways I liked the greater level of individualism I had “out in the world”. I still like groups, and nearly every year I’ve done some sort of group experience – I like the stimulus !

I’ve been lucky in a number of ways, but also I’ve persevered. Also, I ended up in a place without much going on in a spiritual sense, thought I found good people and good things to do (career, choir, compost project, gardening, LETS group, girlfriend ……).

Now I’m moving away, and looking back and wanting to re-balance of my life, so that I give and receive more support, both in everyday life and also (I hope) with this site to help myself and others refine our thoughts and attitudes. I hope to find a few like-minded “spiritual generalists”.

Next, I want a few years in my original city (Liverpool) and then I want to live in (or create) a retirement co-housing community