Questioning Evolution

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tree of life - Ernst Steiner
tree of life - Ernst Steiner

In nature, organisms are born, grow, learn, develop, some then transform and continue, others get old and then die. The same is true of organisations, and it is very rare for an organization (of any type – business, school, charity, club) to survive for 55 years without transforming itself at least once.

So, what happened to the New Age ?

  • Is it still there, as bright and strong as ever ? (the answer has to be NO)
  • Is the New Age movement static or shrinking ? (answer = probably)
  • Did it complete it's work and die ? (answer = maybe)
  • Did it get corrupted/commercialised/trivialised/diluted ? (answer = maybe)
  • Has there been a convergence with 'the real world' so that the New Age has entered into 'normal life' ? (answer = perhaps - there is some evidence for this)
  • Has all the information and energy been given out now ? (answer = maybe)

So then - Where is the New Age going now ?

  • Compared to the inspiring early work that I quoted, where is the 'new stuff' ?
  • Is it now mostly a book and workshop marketing exercise ?
  • Everyone has to earn a living now, right, and it's OK to make a living off the New Age?
  • The New Age needs to ....... combine with postmodernism / do tantra / meditate every day / follow a diet / buy angel wings ....... I’ll try to remember to create a forum topic for this ....

When I visited Findhorn again 3 years ago, it seemed to be transforming itself, but, I was unable to really get to grips with what the transformation was ?

Sometimes I can't stop ....  Here are some more New Age questions –

  1. who and what is included in it ? People generally self-define that they are included in it, and it also inclusive of almost any ideas that anyone wants to include.
  2. What are you allowed to do ?  The emphasis is on the feelings and support of others. Who is really in a position to KNOW the truth and criticise someone else - it's safer not to do it ! So, "the critical mind" and criticism are often excluded, and direct criticism of other people is generally disallowed. Generally people are nice to each other and try to be positive..
  3. The Feminine ? – The UK was certainly very masculine and militarized in the 50s and 60s, and the New Age is very different, but is it fair or useful to call this the feminine ? The group processes are process-oriented rather than goal-oriented, but this makes them inclusive and consensus-seeking rather than efficient, and often this is a greater virtue, though very annoying at other times !