New Age Relationships

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by Mondrian
by Mondrian

Relationships are a key to the New Age, so what about the movement itself ?

Relationship to Society

At the start of the Findhorn Community, as you can imagine, the locals were very suspicious ! Who can blame them. It is a very conservative country area, and along come along lots of long-haired former hippies, all of them vegetarians, with all sorts of strange ideas, and often behavior to match. Things were very separate at the start, however, it all gradually eased. Press coverage was awful for all of the alternatives, who were branded as radicals or hippies, and the community took steps to avoid getting any attention locally. The community became the Findhorn Foundation , and gradually things changed over the years – it brought more tourists, trade for the shops, and garages, members drank in some of the local pubs, a few joined the local choir, and as the members had children, they went to the local schools and found acceptance and friends.

Much later, and the Foundation is now a pillar of the local community – the Universal Hall is used for many local arts events, and the Foundation and the eco-village get lots of positive press and media coverage as “showing the way forward” and as a model for sustainable living and positive personal relationships and lifestyles. Obviously, the media concentrate on the visible – the lifestyle is emphasized more than the spiritual basis, but that is only to be expected.

It is an interesting trajectory, from outcasts to models in 50 years ! Convergence in Action !

Relationship to other movements

On this site, I am looking at 3 main movements, New Age, Theosophy and Postmoderninsm.

To briefly deal with the relationship between the new age and theosophy …….. I can safely say that most theosophists don’t like the new age, for all sorts of reasons – the theosophists go in a mental direction, and don’t like the feelings and experiential approach. The reverse also applies, and new agers are very quick to dismiss theosophists as being stuck in their minds !

The new age and postmodernism have a similarly wide gap – they are both as big, complex and strange as each other.

I will just (for the moment) make a table of differences


New Age





Rejects grand narratives

Is a grand narrative



grotesque and striking typography

violet and crimson typography


feeling and sensing oriented


group consciousness

It could be said that the New Age and Postmodernism have different postures (or poises). It is interesting that they are so similar and so different (and so negative about each other !)