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a giant frame on the outskirts of Brussels
outside looking in, or inside looking out (Brussels)

Relationship of Post-Modernism to Society.

In as much as post-modernism forms any coherent movement at all, it probably gets along better with society than the new age of theosophy, and gets a better press – people quite like post-modern buildings and art, and there are an extensive spread through the academic world, especially in the social sciences and areas like linguistics. It is “beneath the radar” of “normal” society, and doesn’t often cause offence.

Relationship to other movements

On this site, I am looking at 3 main movements, New Age, Theosophy and Postmodernism.

To briefly deal with the relationship between the new age and theosophy …….. I can safely say that most theosophists don’t like the new age, for all sorts of reasons – the theosophists go in a mental direction, and don’t like the feelings and experiential approach. The reverse also applies, and new agers are very quick to dismiss theosophists as being stuck in their minds !

The new age and postmodernism have a similarly wide gap – they are both as big, complex and strange as each other, while it is hard to conceive of a post-modern theosophist !

Of the other possibilities, the Rainbow Alliance is perhaps quite postmodern, and the greens not.

and there is my tabulation from elsewhere .........


New Age





Rejects grand narratives

Is a grand narrative



grotesque and striking typography

violet and crimson typography


feeling and sensing oriented


group consciousness