Teachers New and Old

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I am not the type to follow a teacher, but many people like them, so I thought I would add links to the “best ones” – though you can’t review a person like you can for an idea – I only met 4 of these guys, and only spoke to one for more than 2 minutes ! (please let me know if I missed out anyone really good or if I’ve included a rogue). I've included links to main websites or Wikipedia, and occasionally quotes or a short article. I have put them all in one very long page - I may change this !

First, there is a crop of new young teachers …….

(the websites are better nowadays !)

There are also some wonderful videos of superkids – I hope to add a page of these soon

Then, from “my generation”

  • Mind, Thought and Energy from Tarab Tulku
  • Sri Aurobindo - self delight, experience, etc.
  • Text Analysis ideas (you may not agree, but I think this is a great teaching !)
  • Mind and Karma, By Mark Kruger

I have added some ideas from these four teachers on another page. I like the following too:-

  • Marko Pogacnik leads earth healing work – I value his efforts greatly
  • Arnold Mindell created Process Oriented Psychology – he has developed some great steps forward
  • Gangaji https://www.gangaji.org/ is a (female) teacher with a background in Eastern teachings
  • Richard Bandler and John Grinder created NLP (wikipedia page)
  • I liked the early “cockney barrow boy” books of Stuart Wilde

I give some examples of their work in the psychological techniques section


I like to know the astrological weather ! Sometimes it helps me make more sense of the day

Great Indian teachers in the 20th Century

From the 1950’s

There were a number of great writers in the 1950's and early 60's. Their books seem to be the primary sources for our time – they may have been re-worked, but little new has been added !

There are now online archives and tribute sites for their work:-

  • Dane Rudhyar - a famous astrologer, very influential with his books “The Planetarisation of Consciousness” and “Culture, Crisis and Creativity”
  • Alan Watts has two tribute sites - there is www.alanwatts.org and www.alanwatts.net
  • Abraham Maslow who created the “hierarchy of needs” http://www.maslow.com/
  • There is an online archive of Sir George Trevelyan who provided much of the early impetus for the spiritual revival of the New Age

Figures from the early 20th Century

The Main World Religions

The main world religions have many divisions, and it is difficult to mention one group without causing offense to others. Also, none of the religions has a sacred text with a translation into English which is agreed by all parties. So, I will mention some of the leading personalities, even though this is perhaps misleading.


There are many other varieties of Christianity


There are many other varieties of Buddhism


Rumi was a 13th Century Persian mystic. (I am not sure if he is accepted by all Muslims) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rumi I have added some quotes from Rumi on another page

There are many other varieties of Islam, and many other teachers