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There are two sides to the spiritual path –  

  • ideas and information were initially released, with theosophy and other teachings – see the theosophy section
  • over the last 30+ years a lot of techniques have also been developed.

No matter whether you want to make progress “spiritually”, or develop your full potential, improve your CV, or improve some of your “faults”, or alleviate the pain from previous experiences, then some of the techniques here might be useful !

Of course, you don’t really need any technique at all – the theory is that spirit, by its very nature, will develop in each of us, all in its own good time. However there may be growing pains, and the development may not come as easily as you wish, and so techniques and trainings can be helpful.

In general, I find stimulus useful, though it’s difficult sometimes too. I like to do a workshop of some sort every year, but I also value the stimulus I get from going to galleries and museums – in a city like London, all the worlds treasures are there for us to look at, but there is art, history and nature everywhere .

Although the spiritual path brings difficulties as well as joy and healing, these are never more that we are able to handle – it is all worth it in the end, they say !