Spiritual Techniques

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a diagram of the chakras
a diagram of the chakras

Many people think of spiritual life as being a natural thing to do – that it grows within.

This may be true, but there are also some techniques that are helpful !

Full moon and group meditation

The Alice Bailey books propose a method of service with full moon meditations, using the Great Invocation. This work is continued by the Lucis Trust who provide organised meetings in London, New York and Geneva, and encourage the formation of local world service meditation groups

Usually a talk is given before the meditation, and this is later sent out by email. There are also other seminars, and esoteric training in the Arcane School

Other meditation systems and trainings are also available !

Chakras and energies

If your sensitivity is developing, and if you hold your hand above one of your chakras, you may be able to sense it.

If you use both hands, and start with the lower two chakras, you may find you are able to balance yourself. Alternatively, some healers and therapists are very good at this, and they may be able to help you. Similarly, you may be able to feel the different layers of the aura, and with practice and inner visualisation you may be able to heal yourself.

Go slowly, and take good care of yourself !


There are many methods and techniques of healing, and I confess I don’t know much about them – it isn’t my direction in life.

Friends who I trust are very positive about Reiki, but other methods are available.

The chakra diagram I have used is taken from an article on colour meditations - this seems like quite a good article, of its type.

I generally think that we are born whole and healthy, and life and ourselves cause damage as we go along. We are the only ones who really know what has happened to us, so we are the only ones who can heal ourselves. However, sometimes a healer or therapist can give us space, time and support that are not otherwise available to us.

I myself have used an osteopath for my injuries and a homeopath for some deep-seated wear and tear issues, and acupuncture to give up smoking. When I was young I thought I was quite good at “intuitive acupressure”. I have a set of the Bach Flower Remedies, and I like these and have used them a lot over the years.

Game of Transformation and Angel Cards

Some friends at Findhorn developed the Game of Transformation which is a sort of personal evolution process, often lasting a week. It is a board game with a number of levels and players, which provides a safe environment to experience our spiritual qualities and  challenges. Their Angel Cards were originally a part of the game, but have become enormously popular – it’s nice sometimes to do an angel meditation and have a companion energy to help us deal with a stage in our development.


I like oracles, but you need to ask them the right type of question, such as what can I do about situation X –  to ask "shall I go to the café", the best oracle is to toss a coin as that gives a yes/no answer:-

  • The I Ching has helped me greatly in the past
  • I have been know to tell fortunes using playing cards (but I don’t like the tarot – it has too much history and tradition connected to it, and it’s over-dramatic)
  • I like a system of symbol cards called “Star and Gate”
  • Inspired by that, I collected a lot of picture postcards (of all types) which I sometimes use as an oracle – the person takes one as an answer to a simple question, or lays out a cross of five cards for a situation (past, present, future, potential and challenge)


I like astrology too – I have a funny and complex birth chart, and I have always found astrology useful as a mirror to help me see myself more clearly.

It also seems to me that every day has a different energy and potential, so it seems useful to know what the “astrological weather” is, and these are the sites I like most at the moment

Power Path. http://thepowerpath.com/the-power-path/ this gives very well-thought out and considered advice for the month ahead (and I don’t naturally gravitate towards shamanic websites !)

Isha Lerner http://www.ishalerner.com/page_37300/cosmic-calendar-the-latest

Star Weather Whale http://starweatherwhale.com/  is energetic, but a bit excitable at times

Damanhur http://www.damanhurblog.com/ someone at Damanhur casts their oracle every week for each star sign

Cainer http://www.cainer.com/ is perhaps the best of our English commercial daily astrologers

Spiritual Equipment

I have never used biofeedback devices, so it's difficult for me to recommend any - can anyone help with a brief article?

Friends in the past were very active users of Radionics, and seemed to get very positive and fascinating results

There are all sorts of crystals, candles, essences and oils that may give beneficial effects