AAB and Agni yoga

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Nicholas Roerich - The Covenant of the Teacher, 1947
Nicholas Roerich - The Covenant of the Teacher, 1947

Both of these esoteric teachings were given out in the early 20th Century, reportedly as a planned series of expanded teachings based on the original theosophical teachings

I have found the Alice Bailey books extremely useful, as they give a coherent overview of the spiritual path, focussing on some very practical teachings. I can recommend first readin "Ponder on This" which is a compendium of the main passages about the main concepts and ideas in the book. I have made a page to illustrate this:-

I began to read the Agni Yoga books too a few years ago, when I was faced with a challenge of Brotherhood in my life. I have written the following short articles

I would like to add more pages on Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner - I like his work, but am unable to write on it - I'm happy to include the works of others on this, and on other movements of similar status