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Roerich painting "Roses of Heart - Princess Olge"
Roerich painting "Roses of Heart - Princess Olge"

I thought I would try to find several key passages in the Agni Yoga “Heart” book

So often people say “use you heart” or “follow your heart” and other such platitudes, but there is no real help in it, we are supposed to know all about the heart, but we (I) don’t, or at least, not in an advanced way where I would feel that I know what I’m doing.

So here are some key passages from the book:-

  1. The heart demands constant nourishment (verse 9)
  2. The hygiene of the heart should be regarded as a necessary activity (verse 89) – what does this mean ? how can we keep our heart clean ?
  3. …..  people do not know how to find the balance between indignation of spirit and equilibrium. Both concepts are needed for perfectment, but how to reconcile militant indignation of spirit with wise balance? Usually these concepts seem incompatible, but is it not balance which reacts upon the indignation of spirit when the latter does not turn into irritation and thus create imperil? On the contrary, an enlightened and self-sacrificing indignation creates the most precious, ruby-like armor. Thus only through the correct direction of psychic energy is poison replaced by a treasure. But where is the judge of self-abnegation? Certainly it is the heart. And not the heart, as such, but precisely the heart facing Infinity. (verse 190).
    This is very interesting – the word Imperil is frequently mentioned in Agni yoga – imperil is a poisonous substance produced by irritation – if you are poisoned by imperil, it can take several days to recover and be able to continue. It is far better not to fall into the imperil trap, BUT indignation of spirit is a great virtue to drive us to create a better world, but this almost inevitable leads to imperil. It is only the balance from the “heart facing infinity” that can break out of this pattern. 

I hope to add more later .........