Earth as a School

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children in natureWe are here in a school - this seems the best description of what humanity is doing here on earth - it may not be “absolute truth”, but it is a very useful idea.

Obviously, a lot of other questions immediately arise from this statement:-

How is the school organised ?

As with any school, it’s in classes and grades. First the kindergarten, then primary, secondary and finally university, and perhaps even postgraduate studies after that. The difference is that if you don’t graduate in this life, you keep on coming back until you DO graduate. Yes, that is reincarnation ! If you are stuck in class 3, you remain stuck in class 3 until you are able to learn your lessons and move on, no matter how many lives it may take. (I mean reincarnation of the innermost self, not of the body, mind or feelings).

How do you move up (e.g. from class 2 to 3 ?)

Generally it is by establishing control of the different human components – the mind, feelings and body, and by also developing them to their fullest extent  - imagine the mind of the greatest scientist, the feelings of the greatest musician and the body of the greatest athlete – we may not have to do all of that simultaneously, just quite a lot of it !

It may be useful to think of the path as 10 or 20 separate classes, but it’s hard to define 10 or 20 separate steps forward that we must take. (Perhaps we can try and develop a roadmap for this over time)

How do you graduate ?

The final graduation from the University level is described as “enlightenment” in the East, where the person has worked through all the causes they had set in motion, and is incapable of causing harm to another being.

In the ancient Egyptian system, the dead person’s heart was weighed, and if it weighed more that a featherweight, then he had not graduated.

What is the syllabus ?

I have some unusual ideas about the syllabus.

With the internet, we now have access to all the arts and sciences, plus the social and psychological knowledge that has been built up over the ages.

Also, a huge range of trainings and workshops are now available in the personal growth / human development areas, and some of these are very good. We can also develop assorted psychic abilities and special skills if we want to, and we can learn meditation and tune-in to our inner selves.

However, even if we do all this, it still may not be enough ! What may be most important is the way we conduct ourselves in our ordinary lives – the way we clean our house and do the washing up, the attitude we have when we travel on public transport, the way we drive in heavy traffic. (I used to get very angry with other drivers, but I’m more calm now)

Even more, when we know all the ABC’s above, we may need to create something to graduate !

To tell the truth, I don't really know what is required - I've made this up but it seems plausible!

Who are the teachers ?

We are both the teachers and the students – somehow the inner worlds mediate the relation between these so that we are brought the circumstances and opportunities we need.

But, maybe there are also Masters who help us – graduates who stay around to help the planet, and who provide the textbooks.

Good Luck !!