Theosophical Method

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by Mondrian
by Mondrian

In every area of theosophical endeavour, there is always a “higher component”, for example:-

  • When we look at the first objective of the TS, this is “to form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour”. Usually this is taken as an expression of equality and human rights, but there is also a higher level of Brotherhood, as a spiritual quality in the way people relate to each other. At an even higher level, Brotherhood already exists in nature between all aspects of manifestation.
  • As the name Theosophy implies, it is concerned with wisdom (Sophia was the Greek goddess of wisdom) and the divine (theo- is a prefix used in many spiritual words). In practice, theosophy is often found in books, but at higher levels, students are advised to find wisdom wherever they can – in daily life, in the “ageless wisdom” teachings found in the theosophical literature, and in conventional psychology, philosophy, art and science. Typically the student would gather knowledge from all these areas, then develop and test this with their experiences, and eventually transform the original knowledge into wisdom, finding this inside rather than outside.
  • Theosophy is in some ways like a religion, however, students are advised to avoid “belief” but to seek the higher correspondences of wisdom, such as understanding and direct-knowing. It is also like a college – while there is currently a free “Diploma in Theosophy” correspondence courses not the UK in general each student must create their own curriculum and go at their own speed – while there are some traditional teachings, there is no dogma or orthodoxy in their interpretation.
  • With the study of comparative religion, theosophy tends to be more interested in the “high-level” and mystical elements of religions, such as Zen, Sufism, and Vedanta
  • Spiritual Evolution. The higher dimensions of being have been expressed in modern psychology, philosophy, art and science; theosophy seeks to also unearth and develop these revelations.
  • Some students of theosophy choose to become Members of the Theosophical Society, both to assist them in their studies and to help propagate Theosophy, but this is not necessary. Membership of the TS may give an element of protection within the aura of the Masters.

There may be more - I'll try and add more examples of the higher / lower aspects of the spiritual life as I go on !