Masters of Wisdom

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portrait said to be the Master Morya
portrait said to be the Master Morya

This is a strangely fraught topic …….. It seems some people do guided meditations where they meet an old man in a white robe, who gives them good advice, and before you know it, they are channelling Masters ZP and IT.

Internal wise men are part of people’s normal makeup, and they are nothing exceptional – you can quite easily find / create / encourage your own, but please don’t send out any messages – what they tell you is just for your own consumption ! (They are a sub-personality, or maybe an expect of the higher self)

However, in the “earth as a school” page, I do indeed write that I think there are post-graduate human beings – people who stay around after they ‘graduate’ to help humanity – these are the Masters.

I think there are 3 sets of teachings which have definitely been given out by the Masters

  1. The Mahatma Letters. These letters were mostly written by Master KH (Koot Humi) to a man called AP Sinnet in the early 1880’s. These were “precipitated” onto paper and sent in written format to AP Sinnett, who was a journalist in India. The manuscripts are in the British Library. I think they are so interesting and they are relatively unknown, so I have written a page about them.
    There are also some other small theosophical “letters from the Masters” books dating from the 1880’s which I think are genuine, and it is also generally accepted that HPB's Secret Doctrine was authorised by the Masters.
  2. The Alice A Bailey book. These are published by the Lucis Press, and were written between 1919 and 1949. This was done apparently using a telepathic method from Master DK (Djwal Khul) – he ‘dictated’ the exact words required to Alice A Bailey. I have written a section about these
  3. The Agni Yoga books were transmitted by Master M (Morya) to Helena Roerich (wife of the famous Russian painter Nicholas Roerich) beginning in 1920, apparently using clairaudience rather than telepathy. I have written about these too.

These three sets of books all demonstrate a viewpoint above and beyond what is possible for “normal” humanity, and give a sense of the energies, laws and forces which might be experienced if our “inner beings” were more fully developed. In each case the Masters write from their own perspective, trying to help us reach that level ourselves. They seldom give us an easy read, and it seems we need a lot of stretching, and there is a lot of growing that needs to be done !

As I wrote above, I think discussing the Masters is difficult. Some people hate the idea of Masters, and would seek to damage their reputation. Others would be so desperate to find one or to received messages from one, that this often this leads to inventiveness and misunderstanding of the difference between the "teacher within" and an external Master. The teachings generated may still be useful, but that is a different issue - they are not from a Master.

I can only make some further assorted comments -

  1. Ultimately, the path we walk is our own responsibility and our own free choice at every step, and no true Master would ever infringe on that.
  2. According to the main books, you would only meet the masters on the higher levels of the mental plane, and by way of the heart
  3. According to the main books, the masters have now given out all the main teachings that we need for the foreseeable future
  4. There is a future possibility of the appearance of a world teacher who might give out new teachings. However, it seems more likely that this would be a group effort - an individual would not last long in present circumstances (eg. with the way the media behave).
  5. Some gardeners have "green fingers" and some have "second sight" which allows them to communicate with nature spirits. I have met people with these talents to some degree. If they fully developed these talents, and added a few more, then I imagine they might be like the Masters, who have many or all of the main talents.
  6. I have written about how the Masters relate to each other in the Brotherhood page
  7. I have added more notes about the Mahatma Letters.

However, if you find something you like by another Master, then good luck to you !