Structure of reality

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The version of this given in the Alice A Bailey books is certainly the most complex and all-inclusive ! a diagram of the structure of reality(Other models of the structure of reality are also available - see google)

Essentially, in this model there are 7 planes, each with 7 sub-planes. The 7 planes themselves form the cosmic physical plane, which is said to be the lowest of 7 planes of an even higher septenary system.

From “highest” to “lowest” these are as follows:-

  1. Divine, also called Adi – this is far beyond our reach, and is not otherwise mentioned
  2. Monadic – the spark of life
  3. Atmic – spiritual will
  4. Buddhic - intuitional
  5. Mental – the lower mind (lowest 4 subplanes) is part of the personality, the higher 3 subplanes are the higher mind, and form part of the higher self
  6. Astral or emotional
  7. Physical and Etheric – 4 etheric and 3 physical

The seven-fold nature of this relates to the seven colours of the spectrum and the seven notes of the western musical scale, and there is said to be a septenary structure to all elements of manifestation.

Generally these planes seem to form a full spectrum with gaps between the planes, but not necessarily between the subplanes. However, it is not clear how the planes and subplanes connect to each other – perhaps this is a process of resonance and vibration, but it is hard to see how it functions in any detail, perhaps because of our viewpoint from within the structure.

The books also talk of a system of 7 Rays – a system of 7 different qualities of energy which flow in circuits around the cosmos, named as follows – Will / Power, Love / Compassion, Active Intelligence, Harmony through Conflict, Concrete Science, Devotion, and Synthesis.

Behind all of this is the modern esoteric understanding that there is a structure, energy and mechanism for everything – there is no magic, even though it may sometimes seem to us that there is magic, there are only causes and results. However, it is clearly very difficult for us to see the levels, a and out experience of the higher planes seems to rudimentary.

Many people will say that the diagram above and the idea of sub-planes is ridiculous, so I thought I would have a go at naming the various sub-planes of the lower levels. Ideas like this are handed down to us, and we usually repeat them without much thought, so I decided I would try out using some modern names to see what they look like. This is an experiment, and it is not necessarily true – I’m curious to see how it looks, and interested to hear what other people think.

Physical Plane

Esoteric Traditions


Violet ether


Indigo ether

Acupuncture Meridians

Blue ether










The “normal” esoteric view is of the four traditional “old” elements – earth, air, water, and fire, plus three etheric levels. I have tried adding a human system.

Astral / Emotional Plane





Love / Compassion












Other words are also available !

Mental Plane

Thought 1

Thought 2


Direct-knowing / Synthesis


Imaginary numbers (i)



Differential Equations
















Normally, the books say that the Lower Mind is on the 4 lower subplanes, and the Higher Mind is on the 3 higher subplanes

It is usually stated that the Upper part of the whole human structure is the bit that reincarnates – Atma, Buddhi, plus the upper 3 planes of the mental plane – higher manas. The Lower mind, emotional body and physical body “come from central casting” at each incarnation – we all have fairly similar equipment, though different opportunities depending on the purpose of each incarnation.

To continue further, it’s very difficult to say much about the higher planes – partly because they are non-verbal, partly because we (most of us) experience so little of them - they are generally at or near the limits of our sensitivity, and it's difficult to upgrade ourselves, though apparently spending 30 years might be successful if you are lucky ! However, once again, I’ll try to go a few steps further with this ......

Buddhic Plane.  I might describe this as the Aesthetic level, with some of the lower subplanes called – sense of proportion – (colour) harmony – resonance – harmlessness – goodwill - brotherhood (I'm trying this out to see how it looks !)

Atmic Plane.  I might try calling this the plane of presence

6th Plane. This is called the Monadic plane, or plane of Will.

7th Plane. Divine or Logos Plane

Discussion. Oh well, it’s a start - I have made this up, and it's probably wrong,  but it gives an idea of the possibilities ! Please let me know if you can help me improve on this

In each case, the names I have chosen for the subplanes are “discrete” – they don’t overlap each other much - they are distinct, and there is an element of Higher and Lower in their progression.

I don’t know of anyone trying to do this before, so beware !! it may not be either true or useful – I’m not even sure if it’s any use to me !